Community Services

The Operations is often called upon to provide services or programs that are outside of our regular duties. These other services are usually small in nature and take advantage of our expertise and equipment.

Playground with Children - Tees Playground

Community Work

Operations contribute to the urban and rural charitable work such as community halls, recreation facilities, and parking facilities. 





Past Projects 

  • Blackfalds outdoor arena
  • Ellis Bird Farm kitchen demolition and renovation
  • Eckville fire hall site preparation
  • Eckville ball diamonds site preparation
  • Bentley Community Hall site preparation
  • Lacombe Airport runway preparations
  • Lacombe ball diamonds site work
  • Lacombe outdoor arena site and base workOutdoor Rink Pics 006
  • Tees playground site work and supply of materials
  • Clive skate park donation of equipment
  • Clive fire hall site preparation
  • JJ Collett Natural Area parking lot construction
  • Supply of materials to various small projects such as playgrounds


Future Projects

  • Committed to Lacombe Athletic Park ($400,000 value)
Lacombe Athletic 2010 026
Lacombe County has committed Operations equipment to the Lacombe Athletic Facility. So far we have hauled gravel for the foundation. We will be working on the field in the fall.