Pest Control


skunk Under the  Skunk Trap Requests Policy, skunk traps are loaned to County residents out at no cost. However, a $75.00 deposit is required.



The Alberta Government offers instructions on how to construct your own magpie trap.



Alberta maintains rat free status as a result of a vigilant rat control program that has been in place for many years. If you see or suspect that you have seen a rat, contact Environmental & Protective Services.

Richardson Ground Squirrels

Richardson Ground Squirrel

Lacombe County, in partnership with Alberta Agriculture and Food, sells 2% Liquid Strychnine for the control of Richardson Ground Squirrels. Strychnine sales have ended for 2010.

Northern Pocket Gophers

Northern Pocket Gopher These pests are particularly hard to control. To date, the only effective method has been trapping which is time consuming. Traps are available at agricultural retail outlets throughout the county.



In some cases we can assist producers with problem coyotes. The  Coyote Control Devices and Chemicals Policy provides for the use of registered coyote control products in cases where coyotes have been harassing or there have been confirmed kills of livestock. It is important to remember that these devices are non-discriminate and will only be utilized in situations where the Manager or Assistant Manager of Environmental and Protective Services feels they are safe to do so. The legislation governing the use of these products is specific to livestock predation and cannot be used in the case of harassing or predation of pets.


Beaver Beaver activity in Lacombe County can have a major impact on roads and the associated drainage works. Under the  Beaver Flood Control Policy, Lacombe County will carry out control of beavers when their activity impacts County infrastructure. While Lacombe County does not control beavers on private lands, we can provide the names of licensed trappers and blasters certified to do this work.

Crop Pests

Bertha Armyworm

Environmental and Protective Services assists both the Provincial and Federal Governments with several pest surveys each year, including Grasshoppers, Bertha Armyworms, Lygus Bugs. In addition, we undertake a Fusarium survey and assist with the Provincial Crop Report each summer.