Rural Addressing Complete for 2011


Contractors hired by Lacombe County finished installation of rural addressing signage in all areas of Lacombe county, including subdivisions, in July 2011. The signs have been installed on all County highways, Range and Township roads, including subdivisons.

For more information, email

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or phone the County office at 403-782-6601  


Rural Addressing

The primary objective of the Rural Addressing System in Lacombe County is to help emergency response agencies, such as police, fire and ambulance, find your home quickly. Lacombe County is pursuing this objective by providing a rural address for every developed parcel of land in the County, and by ensuring that each parcel is posted with a rural address sign.

Please refer to the following documents for further information on the County’s Rural Address System:

pdf Frequently Asked Questions
pdf Rural Addressing System Bylaw (includes sign & sign location standards)

Rural Addressing Information

Enter your rural address as shown in the examples below, for a description of what the numbers represent.

Your Address:

Example A: 40317 RGE RD 280
Example B: 40317-18 RGE RD 280
Example C: 27509-A TWP RD 403
Example D: 28009 HYW 12