2020 Interim Budgets

Lacombe County Council has adopted the County’s 2020 interim operating and capital budgets. Following the priorities set out in the County’s Strategic Plan, its long-range road construction, and capital equipment replacement plans, the budget supports the maintenance of existing service levels while managing the County’s spending in a responsible manner that reflects the current economic situation.

Interim operating and capital budgets are approved in December of each year, and are the first stage of a two-stage process that authorizes the County to spend on approved projects and conduct operations as of January 1, 2020. Stage 2 is the approval of the final budgets and tax rates, and takes place in the following spring when the Province sets the property tax levy for education purposes, and when property assessment values have been confirmed.

The $55,721,450 interim operating budget is balanced and maintains existing service levels. The County is awaiting decisions from the Province concerning regulated industrial assessments and rural policing costs prior to finalizing the budget in the spring of 2020.

The 2020 interim capital budget is $33,511,220, an increase of $13.48 million (67.32%) compared to 2019. Highlights of the capital budget include:

  • Increase in road projects of $6.652 million.
  • Increase of $861,020 for bridge projects, including both replacements and engineering.
  • Equipment and vehicle replacements increase by $242,300.
  • West QEII utility servicing increased by $5.69 million.
  • Accounting and Records Management Software purchases are a carry-over project from 2019.


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