2019 Interim Budgets

On November 30, Lacombe County Council adopted the County’s 2019 interim operating and capital budgets. Following the priorities set out in the County’s Strategic Plan and its long-range road construction and capital equipment replacement plans, the budget reflects the desire to support the maintenance of existing service levels while managing the County’s spending in a responsible manner that reflects the current economic situation.

The $55,212,370 interim operating budget is balanced and supported by a 2.0% property tax rate increase for residential properties, a 3.5% tax rate increase for farmland and 4.5% property tax rate increase for all other properties and a transfer of $67,630 from the tax rate stabilization reserve. The 2.0% property tax rate increase represents an additional $20.04 in taxes on a $400,000 residential property. 

The 2019 interim capital budget, which provides for revenues and expenditures of $15,827,070, sees a decrease of $13.105 million from last year’s budget. Highlights of the capital budget include: 

  • Carry-over funding to extend water and wastewater services from the City of Lacombe to County lands west of the QEII, including the Wildrose Industrial Park.
  • Construction and rehabilitation of 19 kilometers of local roads ($4.5 million)
  • Decreases in road projects ($12.2 million), bridge projects ($137,750), equipment/vehicle replacements ($676,410), and recreation projects ($158,400).

Media Release

pdf Interim Capital Summary Budget 2019 (84 KB)

pdf Consolidated Interim Operating Budget 2019 (111 KB)

pdf 2019 Interim Operating and Capital Budget Highlights (339 KB)