2021 Budgets & Tax Rates

At its May 27, 2021 meeting, Council approved the Lacombe County 2021 operating and capital budgets and tax rate bylaw.  Considering the challenging year residents and businesses faced, Lacombe County Council voted in favour of a 0% increase in municipal tax rates for all property classes for the second year in a row.

The 2021 operating budget of $68,879,560 includes $11,623,958 for the Alberta School Foundation Fund and Opted Out School Authorities requisition, $408,583 for the Lacombe Foundation requisition, and $326,989 for the Designated Industrial Property requisition.  The overall operating budget increased by $572 thousand.  This increase is in part due to the increased policing costs and Covid-19 costs.  Provincial grants offset the Covid-19 costs

The 2021 capital budget of $19,981,430 has decreased by $13.565 million from 2021 due to completing several larger paving projects and completing the utility serving project in Wildrose Industrial Park.

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