Agricultural Plastics Recycling Program

After launching the Agricultural Plastics Recycling program in 2018, Lacombe County was selected as a participant in a provincially funded agricultural plastics pilot project. The pilot project is managed through the Agricultural Plastics Recycling Group which has contracted Clean Farms to design and deliver the pilot project. Lacombe County residents under the pilot project now have the opportunity to recycle plastic grain bags and twine. Please note: Net wrap or netting and bale/silage wrap are NOT part of this program and will not be collected for recycling at this time.

In August 2018, an agreement was signed with Merlin Plastics – one of the largest plastic recyclers in Western Canada. The plastic grain bags, collected from central Alberta agriculture producers, will be delivered to a recycling facility in southern Alberta. From there, the plastic will be processed and turned into pellets, which are then utilized by an Alberta plastics manufacturer - both the pelletizing and manufacturing occur in Alberta.

Grain Bag Recycling details:

This service is offered free of charge to agriculture producers operating within Lacombe County. The grain bags will be rolled and collected directly at the farm sites for eventual delivery to a plastic recycling center in Alberta. **Please note: Grain bags are only collected between October and April**


  • Agriculture producers who request grain bag recycling services must provide one individual on-site, capable of assisting the rolling and collection operation.
  • Grain bags MUST BE FREE of grain, mud, dirt debris, and vermin.
  • To ensure used grain bags are eligible for recycling, grain bag collection services should be scheduled within one week of grain extraction.
  • Grain bag collection services are offered free of charge.

Twine Recycling details

Producers can pick up Clean Farms Twine Recycling Bags at the Lacombe County office and Lacombe Regional Waste Services Commission Transfer Sites during regular business hours. Twine will only be accepted if it is placed in the Clean Farms Twine Recycling Bag, and then brought to the collection site.


  1. Shake – Remove as much debris, snow or ice as possible. Excessively dirty twine may be rejected, or subject to a landfill tipping fee or additional charges at drop off.
  2. Bag – Place loose twine in a Clean Farms Twine Recycling Bag and tie bags to close. Please do not knot the twine. Clean Farms Twine Recycling bags are available free of charge at Lacombe County office or Lacombe Regional Waste Services Commission Transfer Sites.
  3. Return – Return to a Lacombe Regional Waste Services Commission Transfer Site during regular business hours.


To book grain bag collection or further questions regarding agriculture plastic recycling, please call 403- 782-8959.