Alberta Wetland Policies and how they affect you

In September 2013 Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) released a new Wetland Policy. The policy outlines how the province will conduct wetland management in Alberta from 2014 and beyond. Prior to the 2013 Wetland Policy there were two other important documents released, the Wetland Management in the Settled Area of Alberta report 1993 and the Provincial Wetland Restoration and Compensation Guide 2007. Each of these documents effects the residents within Lacombe County as it outlines the provinces stance on wetland management. The 1993 report and the 2007 report are currently being used as the guiding documents and as such any wetland disturbance is managed under these guidelines until the 2013 Wetland Policy is endorsed.

We encourage all land owners and residents of Lacombe County to become familiar with these documents and please contact ESRD directly at their Central Office in Red Deer on 403-340-7052 or Lacombe County’s Environmental Coordinator, Blayne West on 403-782-6601 if you have any questions or concerns.

pdf Alberta Wetland Policy 2015 (294 KB)

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default Provincial_Wetland_Restoration_Compensation_Guide

default Wetland Management in the Settled Area of Alberta _1993