Property Assessment Notices

Details: 2 June 2018

Assessment Inspection Notice

For assessment purposes all properties within Lacombe County are reviewed on a seven-year cycle to ensure that assessment information remains current. An inspection ensures that all characteristics affecting the property are considered in its valuation. This may include both an interior and exterior inspection of the property. Typically, the assessor will be measuring all houses and any outbuildings that do not qualify as farm buildings. The assessor will also take pictures of the buildings at this time.

The Lacombe County assessors will be in Ranges 26 & 27 this spring and summer reviewing property assessments.

The assessors will have photo ID identifying them as Lacombe County employees.


Larry Riep, A.M.A.A., Chief Assessor, Lacombe County



Assessment & Property Tax Notice

Assessment and Property Tax Notices were mailed out June 5th this year. Any ratepayer who has not yet received a tax notice by the end of June is advised to contact the County Office at (403) 782-6601.

Taxes must be paid to the County office on or before August 31. Payments made by mail will be considered to be paid on the same date as the envelope is postmarked.

A penalty of 6% will be added on September 1 for all taxes remaining unpaid after August 31. An additional 10 per cent penalty will be added on December 1 for all taxes unpaid after November 30.

The August 31 deadline and penalties are not applicable to property owners currently enrolled in our monthly Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP).

The Tax Notice is a combined Assessment and Tax Notice. Persons wishing to appeal their assessment have 60 days from the notice of assessment date to do so. A per parcel fee will be charged for persons wishing to make complaints against assessments. If the Assessment Review Board makes a decision in favour of the complainant, the fee will be refunded.


For more information, contact:

Larry Riep
Chief Assessor
Lacombe County
(403) 782-6601)