Brownlow’s Landing, Proposed Accretion: Survey Results

Lacombe County recently conducted a survey to gather the community’s feedback on municipal reserve land, as part of developing an accretion plan with landowners in Plan 1970 EO and Pt. NE 25-40-01-W5M. This area is in the community of Brownlow’s Landing on Gull Lake. This survey was a follow up from the public meeting held at Lacombe County’s office on August 20, 2019, for the community near the proposed accretion.

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As Lacombe County is the registered owner of one lot in the accretion plan, Lot P Plan 1970 EO, the County is, therefore, one of the affected landowners that requires consent. The survey results give the County an understanding of the community’s vision for future development. If the proponents wish to proceed with the accretion proposal, the information gathered from public engagement will allow the County to make an informed decision, when and if the County wishes to participate in the accretion process as one of the affected landowners.

The survey results:

pdf Survey Results Public Brownlows Landing (SECURE) (935 KB)

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