OPEN HOUSE: South of Highway 11 (east of Haynes) Area Structure Plan

The County presented the South of Highway 11 (East of Haynes) ASP project to the public at a meeting held on February 28, 2022. The survey below is a replica of the survey provided to the people who attended that meeting. The purpose of the survey is to gather feedback on your vision for how you would like to see this area develop in the future. The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

This survey will close on March 14, 2022 at 4:30 pm. The feedback you provide is completely anonymous.

The intent of this project is to develop a new Area Structure Plan (ASP) with a plan area that covers the lands south of Highway 11 to the Red Deer River, from Haynes Road, east to Highway 21.  The new ASP will replace the existing South of Highway 11 Area Multi-Lot Country Residential Outline Plan (OP) which was originally adopted in 2001.

Lacombe County Council recently endorsed the South of Highway 11 (east of Haynes) Terms of reference and accepted the associated background report for information. The Highway 11 (East of Haynes) Background Report and Terms of Reference documents can be viewed below.

pdf Hwy 11 ASP Schedule A Terms of Reference (130 KB)

pdf Hwy 11 ASP Schedule B Background Report (2.09 MB)