Alberta Views RV & Golf Resort

On April 28, 2022, Council gave third reading to Bylaw 1368/22 to rezone approximately 61.95 hectares (153.07 acres) on Pt. NW 21-39-03-W5M to Recreation ‘PR’ District.

This development was previously known as Last Hill Golf Course but is being remarketed under the new name Alberta Views RV and Golf Resort. The subject lands are accessed by Range Road 3-4, and are located north of the Town of Eckville. 

1949561 Alberta Ltd. (the landowners, Bill and Carla MacLean) submitted the rezoning request in order to develop a 9-hole golf course, 100 recreational vehicle seasonal campsites, two 384 ft2 washrooms, 104 vehicle parking spaces, and an 80,000 ft2 fenced storage lot. Additionally, a playground, a small pool, 6 pickleball courts, and a trail to a water feature are proposed for amenities to complement the campground.

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