Agriculture Department

Lacombe County has a rich and diverse agricultural history, with 668,102 acres of area and more than 1,045 farms that call our County home. Agriculture is the predominant industry of Lacombe County, with 95% of the County zone agricultural district.

Our agricultural base is made up of:

  • 98% Arable Farmland
  • 23% Pasture Land
  • 2% Wetland

Lacombe County is fortunate to be made up of mostly soil classes 1 through 5, which are soils containing the highest agricultural productivity potential of any other soils types. To keep our soil fertile, Lacombe County supports best-management practices for all its agricultural producers.

Vision for Agriculture

Agriculture is valued, respected and supported in Lacombe County, and as a result, a healthy, prosperous and sustainable industry and rural community thrives within the municipality.

Mission for Agriculture

As a municipality, our mission is to engage, support and enhance the agriculture community and rural entrepreneurs, and enhance rural life in Lacombe County. Lacombe County will contribute to and support agriculture in the municipality through the development and implementation of responsive and progressive municipal policies and programs.

Agricultural Staff

Like other rural counties, Lacombe County appoints qualified individuals to implement the agriculture policies, programs, and resources of the County.

Lacombe County's Agricultural staff are:

Dion Burlock
Manager of Agriculture & Environmental Services

Jalene Makus
Agriculture Coordinator

Their duties include:

  • Carrying out the functions, duties, and powers of Lacombe County under any Act relating to agriculture.
  • Implementing projects respecting agriculture agreed on by Lacombe County Council and the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.
  • Acting as Lacombe County's municipal inspectors under the Weed Control Act.
  • Acting as Lacombe County's municipal inspectors under the Livestock Health & Disease Act.
  • Acting as Lacombe County's inspectors under the Agricultural Pests Act.
  • Acting as Lacombe County's soil conservation officer under the Soil Conservation Act.