Hamlet of Mirror

Use the link below to download the Mirror Zoning map to your computer.

pdf Mirror Map

Following a vote to dissolve by residents of the Village of Mirror in 2002, the Village became a Hamlet of Lacombe County on January 1, 2004. 

Since that time, Lacombe County has endeavored to maintain and enhance services for the residents of Mirror in the following ways: 

  • A new outdoor multi-use recreation facility has been constructed that provides skateboarding, basketball, and other activities in summer and an outdoor skating rink in the winter. 
  • The water supply to the Hamlet has been secured for the long-term with the connection of the Hamlet's water distribution system to the Highway 12/21 Regional Water Transmission Line. 
  • Various other major infrastructure initiatives have included the replacement of sidewalks, major repairs of sewer and water infrastructure, and the replacement of the Hamlet street signs. 
  • Lacombe County has encouraged existing boards and committees to maintain their role in the community and has supported these various service organizations in maintaining facilities like the Curling Rink, Community Hall, Campground, and Ball Diamonds.  For information on volunteering with these organizations, contact the County and we will point you in the right direction.