Lacombe County partners with ALUS Canada

(Lacombe, Alberta, January 12, 2017) Promoting sustainable agriculture and placing a value on ecosystem services, Lacombe County has partnered with ALUS Canada to deliver an Alternative Land Use Services program within Lacombe County. ALUS Canada is a community-developed, farmer-delivered program that supports landowners and agriculture producers who produce ecosystem services on their land.

 “The ALUS Lacombe County Program will provide financial and technical support to Lacombe County’s agricultural producers and landowners, in return for the establishment and active management of ALUS projects on their lands,” said Dion Burlock, Lacombe County Agricultural Fieldman and ALUS Coordinator for Lacombe County.

The ALUS Lacombe County Program is completely voluntary for local agricultural producers and landowners, and is overseen by a Partnership Advisory Committee (PAC), which is comprised of local agriculture producers. The PAC Members include:

  • Ian Clark
  • Dean Hjelte
  • Jason Lenz
  • Marilyn Sharp
  • Barb Shepherd

The role of the PAC is to review and approve agricultural producer and landowner delivered projects and provide recommendations to Lacombe County Council in regards to agriculture conservation programming within Lacombe County. Together, they will determine the ALUS program priorities, procedures, and negotiating partnership agreements with agriculture producers and landowners.

About ALUS Canada
ALUS Canada, A Weston Family Initiative, is a national program dedicated to supporting farmers and ranchers who produce cleaner air, cleaner water, more biodiversity and other ecosystem services in their communities. There are currently more than 15,500 projects in six provinces, more than 720 participants, and more than 18,000 acres enrolled in the ALUS program. As a recent Clean50 and Alberta Emerald award winner – and ranked among the exclusive Clean16 – ALUS Canada is a recognized leader in sustainability that offers a unique method for improving the environment, allowing farmers and ranchers to steward their land in a way that benefits all Canadians, one acre at a time.

For more information contact, visit the ALUS Program, or call:

Dion Burlock                                      
Agricultural Fieldman                           
Lacombe County                                  
(403) 782-8959