County Addresses Fire Service in Mirror

Lacombe County has made some changes to the operations of the Mirror Fire Department to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents of Mirror, as well as the Mirror Volunteer Firefighters. As you may be aware, the Mirror Volunteer Fire Department has been without a Fire Chief since August 2016, when the previous Chief retired.

Since that time, Lacombe County completed a Department Audit and discovered some deficiencies within the department that are mandatory requirements in any fire department from the perspective of ensuring that staff are trained appropriately to carry out their duties. 

In order to give the department some time to address these deficiencies, Lacombe County has implemented the following actions:

  1. County Fire Chief, Todd Gustafson has been appointed as the Acting Fire Chief for the Mirror Fire Department, and as such will direct the activities of the department.
  2. All calls within the Mirror Fire District will automatically be responded to by the Alix Fire Department, in conjunction with the Mirror Fire Department.
  3. Regular training will be offered to all existing Mirror Fire Department members through the Alix Fire Department.

Lacombe County assures residents that they are served with fire protection and that these actions are being done with the best interests of the community. 

This map (below) outlines the Mirror Fire District. Residents will continue to receive the same level of fire protection as before, and County will work with the existing department and community to address this situation over the coming months.