Lacombe County invites applicants to Environmental Improvement Grant workshops

In 2013, Lacombe County launched the Environmental Improvement Grant Program and Policy to provide financial assistance to community groups and schools to develop or deliver community-based environmental services and programs within the County.

The grant program involves an application form, regular reporting, and the ability to demonstrate environmental benefits through the proposed project. Workshops are scheduled for January 30 from 7pm to 9pm at the Lacombe County Office, to help applicants understand:

  • how to fill in the application,
  • how to complete the reporting requirements,
  • how to fulfill the requirement of exemplifying environmental benefits through delivery of the program.

Applications must be completed, along with supporting documentation (if required), for funding requests to be considered. Therefore, the County highlights the importance of attending a workshop in January to ensure that applications are complete.

Applications may be submitted to the County between February 1, 2017 and February 28, 2017. Applications will only be taken during this time. There will be limited funding available from the County for groups seeking funds for environmental programs in 2017 outside of the grant program, so we urge you not to miss this opportunity. 

To find out if your group is eligible, to RSVP for the workshops or to answer any questions, please feel free to contact Monica Boudreault, Environmental Coordinator by email at , or by phone at 403-782-8959.

Project priority areas include the following:


  • Storm water quality/and or quantity improvement
  • Water monitoring programs
  • Watershed (sub-basin) awareness and improvement


  • Waste/litter awareness, reuse, reduction and recycling


  • Weed reduction
  • Planting and maintenance of local native plants
  • Improved native wildlife habitat/food sources

Environmental Education:

  • Programs that improve local environment through behavioural change training and education
  • Development and demonstration sites which are accessible to the broader community


  • Programs to increase awareness of the environmental benefits of local food sources, food safety, and food security etc.
  • Programs to increase awareness of sustainable and ethical food choices


  • Programs to increase awareness of the dangers of noise pollution
  • Programs to reduce noise pollution

Air Quality:

  • Programs to increase awareness of the dangers of air quality¬†
  • Programs to reduce air quality

Other Environmental Benefits:

  • Development and implementation of Environmental Management plans or policies
  • Programs that can demonstrate an environmental benefit within Lacombe County