Note of Road Construction Completion

Pursuant to Municipal Government Act M-26.1 534(1) Lacombe County hereby provides notice
to any person having an interest in land that is adjacent to lands which Lacombe County has
constructed a public road. Persons entitled to compensation from the municipality for loss of or
the permanent lessening of use of that person’s land caused by the public work are advised to
make a claim within 60 days after this notice is published.

The following roads have been completed as of October 10, 2017:

Number C0201

West of 6, 7, 19 & SW 19-40-1 W5
Rge Rd 2-0 (from Twp Rd 41-0; 2 ½ miles north to
North boundary of SW 19-41-1 W5)

For more information, please contact:
Bill Cade
Public Works Supervisor
(403) 782-3567