County reminds residents of Fireworks Permit requirements

With Canada Day celebrations approaching, Lacombe County reminds all residents that a fireworks permit is required if you wish to sell, purchase or set off fireworks within the province of Alberta.

“Although there has been some changes to the Alberta Fire Code, Lacombe County continues to regulate the use of fireworks through a permitting system,” says Drayton Bussiere Lacombe County Fire Chief. “Canada Day is a popular occasion to set off fireworks, but regardless of the time of the year, a permit is required within Lacombe County if you plan on shooting off fireworks.”

Bussiere notes that conditions of having a fireworks permit include permission from adjacent landowners so it is important to discuss fireworks plans with your neighbours in advance. Fireworks can also not be set off from public lands or roadways, if there is a fire ban, or if wind exceeds 20 km/h.

Although the use of fireworks can be a safe practice, if all precautions are adhered to, people are reminded that they are responsible for any fireworks they have in their possession. Fireworks permits are free of charge and an application is available on the Lacombe County website or by stopping in at the front desk of the County administration office. It can take up to one week to process an application, so please do not wait until the last minute before the celebration begins.