PUBLIC HEARING - Bylaw 1330/20 Public Road Closure

Anyone wishing to comment on the proposed amendments will have an opportunity to do so at a public hearing which has been arranged for:

Date:               October 22, 2020
Time:              9:00 a.m.
Place:             Lacombe County Council Chambers

                        located 2½ miles west of Highway 2 at the intersection of Spruceville Road and Highway 12

Lacombe County Council has given first reading to Bylaw No. 1330/20 for the purpose of closing to public travel and disposing of a portion of a public highway in accordance with Section 22 of the Municipal Government Act, Being Chapter M26.1 of the revised statutes of the Alberta 2000 and amendments thereto:

WHEREAS the lands hereafter described are no longer required for public travel, and

WHEREAS application has been made to the County Council to have the highway closed for consolidation purposes, and

WHEREAS the Council of Lacombe County deems it expedient to provide for a bylaw for the purpose of closing to public travel certain roads, or portions thereof, situated in the said municipality, and thereafter consolidating same with the title for the Pt. NE 32-38-24 W4M.

WHEREAS notice of the intention to close for consolidation purposes has been given in accordance with section 606 of the Municipal Government Act, and

A copy of Bylaw No. 1330/20 describing the proposed closure may be obtained from the County’s Administration Department or by visiting the County’s website at

If you are unable to attend the hearing, written submissions can be made to the County. You will, however, need to ensure that your comments are received by the County prior to the date of the hearing. Your comments can be sent by email to , by fax to 403-782-3820 or by mail to RR 3, Lacombe AB T4L 2N3. All submissions will be public information.

For more information, please contact the County Manager’s Office.

Tim Timmons, CLGM
County Manager