Lacombe County welcomes Economic Development Officer

Lacombe County is pleased to welcome Monica Bartman as our new Economic Development Officer (EDO). The EDO position will work directly with businesses, community groups and other stakeholders to develop partnerships, and implement economic development activities to attract new business, and retain and grow existing business.

“Every year or two, Lacombe County Council would discuss the idea of having an Economic Development Officer during a Council meeting,” said Paula Law, Lacombe County Reeve. “With the growth in our hamlets, business and industrial parks, as well as increased activity in agribusinesses in Lacombe County, we felt it was the right time to add this position to our talented Planning and Development team, to support businesses of all sizes in Lacombe County.”

The EDO position is responsible for developing and implementing the economic growth and development strategies, marketing plans and projects to support the County’s economic development priorities and initiatives, as well as:

  • Developing and implementing the County’s Economic Development Strategy.
  • Building relationships and broadening awareness of investment opportunities in Lacombe County.
  • Developing and utilizing effective marketing and promotional tools for businesses development.
  • Monitoring and reporting on a variety of economic development and business statistics in the County.

About Monica Bartman

For the past seven years, Monica has served the area as Executive Director with the Lacombe & District Chamber of Commerce.

“Since moving to the area, I’ve seen firsthand the potential for businesses within Lacombe County. I look forward to joining the team to foster the future growth of our existing County businesses and promote the area as an excellent place for business relocation and development,” said Monica.

If you have any economic development questions, please call 403-782-8389.