Joint Council Meeting fosters collaboration between City, County

The Lacombe Memorial Centre played host to a Joint Meeting of Council between Lacombe County and the City of Lacombe.

The meeting – and future joint meetings – fosters collaboration and cooperation between the regional partners to achieve efficient results for the residents of both municipalities.

Community presentations from the Lacombe Athletic Park Association and the Lacombe Fish and Game Association were on the agenda at the December 1 meeting.

Lacombe County Reeve Barb Shepherd saw the importance of the two Councils working together to benefit their citizens.

“Over the years, Lacombe County and the City of Lacombe have strived to ensure they are good neighbours who provide mutual support and services to residents of both communities,” said Reeve Barb Shepherd. “Joint meetings, like this recent one, go a long way to efficiently and effectively hear requests or concerns from local community groups. They allow us to find solutions – together – that will better both communities and continue to solidify the positive relationship between both councils.”

Also in attendance was City of Lacombe Mayor Grant Creasey, who looks forward to continued collaboration with Lacombe County.

“The City and County work effectively together on numerous projects and services to the benefit of all our citizens,” he said. “By designing a process where our Councils can work directly together, we are allowing our community groups and citizens more straightforward access to both Councils. I look forward to furthering our unique relationship with our neighbours.”

In the future, Lacombe City Council and Lacombe County Council will schedule joint meetings as required.
The video stream of this meeting is available at