Join us on April 1 for a Spring Tune Up health and safety event

Lacombe County is excited to announce the return of the Spring Tune Up: Health and Safety Fair on April 1, 2022, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Lacombe Memorial Centre. Anyone interested in their health and farm safety is invited to attend this free event, which will feature a variety of health care and safety professionals.

“We like to focus on safety and health BEFORE farmers get into their fields for the season, to remind them of the importance of caring for the physical, emotional and mental health,” explained Jalene Makus, Lacombe County Agriculture Coordinator and event organizer. “By bringing in vendors that support physical and mental health/safety, we are doing our part to support this important initiative and connect attendees with relevant and useful information.”

The event will run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Lacombe Memorial Centre on April 1. It is open free of charge to the general public. This year’s event features:

  • Lacombe County Peace Officers
  • Sustainable Farm Families Rural Health Initiative – providing rural Albertans who participate in this program with three annual, in-depth physical & men­tal health assessments. Call 403-782-8959 to register or to learn more.
  • A variety of different booths and services (see list below)
  • Door prize draws for all attendees.

“Each year, we strive to find relevant vendors to bring value to this event – ones of interest not just to our rural producers but also to anyone interested in their health and safety,” said Jalene.

Everyone who attends the event will have their name entered for door prizes. The organizations that will be on-site for this year’s event include:

  • AG Safety Center
  • Wolf Creek Primary Care Network
  • Living Sounds
  • Building Bridges to Health Naturally 
  • Lacombe Family and Community Support Services (FCSS)
  • Jo(e) Social Media
  • Just Safety PPE
  • Lacombe County Peace Officers
  • AG Safe Alberta
  • Alberta Mental Health
  • Sustainable Farm Families

To learn more about the event, for any questions, please call Jalene at 403-782-8959 or email