Lacombe County 2022 property assessments/tax notices mailed-out


June 2, 2022

Lacombe County 2022 property assessments/tax notices mailed-out

(Lacombe County, Alberta, June 2, 2022) – Municipal property assessments/tax notices were mailed out to Lacombe County ratepayers on June 1, 2022 and should be appearing in mailboxes in the coming weeks. If you do not receive your 2022 notice by July 15, 2022, please contact Lacombe County’s Assessment Department at 403-782-6601.

"We encourage ratepayers to be proactive and ensure they have received their assessment/tax notice from Lacombe County," said Michael Minchin, Director of Corporate Services.  "If you know someone who recently moved to Lacombe County, or into a new house in the County, after February 2022, please have them contact us, as there are significant delays at Alberta Land Titles.  These delays means the County is not receiving timely notification of these changes of ownership."


As mentioned above, there are significant delays at Alberta Land Titles. This delay means we do not have the up-to-date contact information needed to mail your assessment/tax notice. Any businesses or residents who purchased a new property AFTER February 14, 2022 should immediately contact the County.

Despite the delay at Alberta Land Titles, property owners are expected to pay their taxes by the deadline (August 31, 2022). Penalties will be applied after this date, even if you have not received an official tax notice.

The County’s assessment/tax notice is a combined assessment and tax notice.

  • Anyone wishing to appeal their assessment has 60 days from the notice of assessment date to do so. The appeal date is stated on your notice of assessment.
    • A per parcel fee will be charged for people making complaints against assessments. If the Assessment Review Board decides in favour of the complainant, the fee will be refunded.
  • The property tax payment deadline is August 31, 2022.
  • Property owners who miss the tax payment deadline will have a 6% penalty on the outstanding taxes owed on September 1, 2022.
    • An additional 10% penalty will be added on December 1 for all unpaid taxes after November 30.

“Like other online bill payments, there may be a processing delay for online tax payments, so people who plan to pay their taxes through electronic banking should not leave it until the last minute,” Minchin said. "To avoid all penalties, Lacombe County must receive tax payments by the last business day in August."


Tax payments are payable to Lacombe County (no later than August 31, 2022) and can be made using one of the following options:

  • By mail to: Lacombe County, RR3, Lacombe, AB T4L 2N3
    Mailed payments must be postmarked by Canada Post no later than August 31st of the current year. If the postmark is illegible or missing, the actual date of receipt by Lacombe County will apply.
  • In Person: At the County Office (40403 Rge Rd 274, Lacombe County, AB) during office hours.
  • Deposited in the envelope mailbox located at the road entrance to the County office (Do not submit cash).
  • Electronically: Through electronic payment methods, including internet banking and for businesses, electronic funds transfer (EFT). Funds must be received in the County's bank account no later than August 31, 2022.
  • By Credit Card: visit and pay through OptionPay, a secure third-party site, to make payment by credit card. (Please note that there is a fee for this service. Lacombe County does not receive any of the credit card fees).
  • Tax Installment Payment Plan: Those enrolled in the County's tax installment plan {TIPPs) will see their payment adjusted to reflect the new tax rates for 2022 on their next monthly payment.

**The above due date and penalties DO NOT APPLY to ratepayers enrolled in the Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP), which allows property taxes to be paid on a monthly basis instead of one single payment. Application forms for enrollment are available at the Lacombe County Administration office or on the Lacombe County website.

For more information, contact:

Michael Minchin                                   Nicole Plewis

Director of Corporate Services           Communications Coordinator

Lacombe County                                  Lacombe County

403-782-6601                                       403-782-6601