Success grows here! Council endorses Lacombe County’s 2022-2027 Strategic Plan

Lacombe County Council recently approved a new Strategic Plan, which will help guide the organization over the next five years. The plan has identified four focus areas to support future decision-making and implementation activities: our business, our finances, our assets, and our community. 

Each focus area has an intended outcome and series of strategies and performance indicators to guide Administration in achieving the NEW vision for Lacombe County: Success grows here!

“Since 2005, Lacombe County Council and staff have used the strategic planning process to define our direction and long-term goals, and to create specific plans to achieve and evaluate them. This new plan, while reflecting the priory areas of our current Council, is a continuation of this process,” explained County Manager Tim Timmons.

“By following the original goals set out in our Strategic Plan, we are proactively preparing for the future,” said Deputy Reeve John Ireland. “This new Strategic Plan will continue to ensure that we are aware of and responding to future challenges while continuing to position Lacombe County as an attractive, balanced, and progressive municipality.”

In March 2022, Council gathered to discuss what community aspirations they heard while running for office. They also looked at previous plans built to shape future success and considered current political, environmental, social, technological, legislative and economic influences on achieving that success. The result of this time together is a new Strategic Plan that provides absolute clarity of future expectations for community-wide benefit.

“Members of Council have been talking with our citizens and businesses during – and since – the October 2021 municipal election. We compiled the information we heard during those conversations to create strong, easily understood directional goals for our senior leadership team to build plans around,” said Deputy Reeve Ireland. “We expect that through transparent communication with our community and performance-related conversations with our internal teams, you will see how ‘Success grows here!’

With our new Vision Statement in place, alongside Council’s Strategic Goals, Lacombe County will move into the next planning phase. The business units will come together in mid-2022 to build business plans for their individual departments, aligning with the strategic goals identified in the Strategic Plan. From there, the leadership team will generate staff work plans, budgets, reporting, and more, in order to meet the priorities laid out in the Strategic Plan. We will communicate this to staff and the public once these documents are in place.

To read our full 2022-2027 Strategic Plan, please visit our website