Lacombe County Trails

Lacombe County has been working with the Central Alberta Regional Trails Society (CARTS), Red Deer County, The City of Red Deer, Town of Blackfalds, and City of Lacombe to build a walking and biking trail to link communities in Central Alberta. This trail will give residents an opportunity to safely and actively enjoy the natural beauty of our region and one of the first steps in building it will was the construction of a pedestrian bridge over the Blindman River.


Located on the historic Calgary & Edmonton (C&E) Trail, the Blindman River Pedestrian Bridge forms part of the Trans-Canada Trail (TCT) System, a trail that touches every province in Canada and forms the world’s longest recreational pathway.

When communities work together, exciting things happen. Cooperative projects like the construction of the TCT walking and biking trail in Central Alberta is just one example of the positive developments taking place in Lacombe County. 


We invite you to explore the trails and views of Lacombe Lake. While exploring you may want to note what types of plants and animals you encounter. This area, known as the Central Parkland Natural Subregion, is home to a unique set of plants and animals. While you are out exploring keep an eye out for a few of the many native fruits that grow and possibly an ear out for the frogs croaking or the birds chirping.

The aquatic and wetland habitats also help support a wide diversity of wildlife populations throughout the region, including diving ducks, grebes, terns, and amphibians such as the boreal chorus frog and wood frog.  The plains garter snake is also a common resident in this area.  The Central Parkland is also home to the prairie vole, which is only found in this region.