Operations FAQs

Q.  Does the County look after all the paved roads within its boundaries?

A.  Lacombe County looks after more than 400 km of paved roads within the County boundaries. Numbered paved roads (like Highways 2, 2A, 11, 12, 20, 21, 597, 601, 604, 766, 771, 792, 815, and 821) are under the jurisdiction of Alberta Transportation (403-340-5200). Roads in the city, towns, and villages are the responsibility of that municipality. Lacombe County has named their paved roads and we have set up a grid system so that no ratepayer should have to drive more than four miles on a gravel road before they reach a paved road.

Q. Who do I call if I have a concern with a paved or gravel road?

A.  There are several options to report a concern:

  • Submit a service request online
  • Submit it through your iPhone via the myLacombeCounty app (iPhone users only at this time).
  • Call Operations at 403-782-8379 (Office) or 403-782-3567 (Shop),
  • Email

The after-hour emergency number is 403-357-1210.

Q.  Do I need approval to build an approach to my residence or land?

A.  Yes - all approaches need to be approved and the appropriate form to start the process can be obtained through the Operations Department or Planning and Development department by calling 403-782-6601.

Q.  Does the County provide snow removal for residential driveways?

A.   No - this is not a service that the County provides, but there are many  pdf private contractors (124 KB) that provide this service.

Q.  How long does it take to clear all roads after a snowstorm?

A. The basic service level that we strive for is to have all of the paved roads opened up within 9 to 12 hours. The gravel road system will take from 3 to 4 days. Every storm event is different so it will depend on the severity of the storm on how long it takes to get all the roads in reasonable winter condition.

Q. Does the County sell gravel to ratepayers?

A.  No - the County does not sell gravel to ratepayers but there are many private gravel pits and companies that sell gravel within Lacombe County boundaries.

Q.   How do I go about getting a “Children at Play” sign or “School Bus Stop” sign?

A.   You can order a Children at Play sign through the Operations department which includes the sign, post, and installation. Typically the School Bus Stop sign is arranged by contacting the school division which will contact the County if they agree that a sign is warranted. For more information on costs, see the Rates and Fees Bylaw.

Q.  How do I get my road paved?

A.  Lacombe County will consider paving gravel roads once vehicle counts reach the average of 400 to 500 vehicles per day. The decision to pave will be influenced by funding availability, safety, current maintenance costs, and the amount of work required to bring the gravel road up to a standard that would allow for paving.

Q.  What is the County policy for providing dust control?

A. Policy OP (6) can be found on the County website, but essentially the ratepayer pays 1/3 of the cost and the rest is subsidized by the County. Requests for dust control and payment must be received by the County prior to May 15th.

 Q.  How often is my road supposed to be graded or gravelled?

A.   Lacombe County has over 1,700 km of gravel roads and we plan on gravelling a road once every three years. Some roads that are busier may need to be gravelled more often and consequently, lesser-used roads may not require gravel that often.

The service level for grading roads is once every 2 ½ to 3 weeks. Scheduling is dramatically affected by the weather so the actual grading may be sooner or later depending on rain.

Q.  Why can’t the grader operator eliminate washboard?

A.  Washboard is created by a number of factors including the amount of traffic, soil conditions, and the weather. Washboard is more common at intersections where there is an uphill incline. Drivers can help reduce washboard by gently accelerating or breaking as they enter or leave the intersection. The grader operators will cut the washboard out when conditions allow, but depending on weather and traffic volumes the washboard will reoccur. We have used road stabilizer products to help reduce washboard on busy intersections and that does help.

Q.  What plans are in place for road and bridge improvements?

A.  Lacombe County has a five-year road construction program and a 20-year Bridge Management Plan in place. We also have a schedule to upgrade existing paved roads on a 20-year schedule. County Council reviews and updates the plans yearly. In addition to the long-range plans, County Council reviews the maintenance requirements of roads and bridges during the budget process every year. Many of the plans are posted on the Lacombe County website, but if you have a specific program, road, or bridge, please contact the Operations Department at 403-782-8379 or email .