Rentals and Services

Slide-In Sprayer:

  • (200 or 150 gal)
  • $50 / day charge
  • $100 deposit







Pull Type Pasture:

  • $50 / day charge
  • $200 deposit




Custom Spraying Services: Kubota or Truck Units and Operator

This service is for landowners who wish to hire Lacombe County to spray Prohibited Noxious or Noxious weeds on their property. Do to the high demand of this service we recommend also looking into private custom spraying companies. The County has a list of private spray companies available for residents seeking spraying services.

  • County Residence: $10.00 per acre, plus herbicide  
  • Non-County Residence: $110.00 / hour, plus mileage
  • Gravel Pits within the county: $60.00 / hour, plus herbicide

Skunk Traps:

Free of charge. $75 Deposit (cheque or cash).

Traps must be returned (clean and undamaged) within 2 weeks.