Highland Park

E 1/2 of Pt. NE 1/4 Sec. 17 Twp. 39 Rge. 1 W5M

Lacombe County Council gave third and final reading to Bylaw 1111/10 to redesignate approximately 27.45 hectares (67.83 acres) on Lot 2 Block 1 Plan 062 0435, Pt. NE 17-39-1-W5M from Agricultural 'A' to Residential Lake Area 'R-RLA' District. The zoning change has been requested to allow for the development of a 49-lot clustered style residential development which consists of interconnected pedestrian trail network and day use amenities such as an outdoor gym and playground.

To ensure broad access to information about the proposal, a copy of the proposed site development plan and supporting technical documents are posted below. Please note that these materials are provided as general information.

Titled Area: approx. 27.5 ha (68 acres)
Proposal: 49-lot residential subdivision
Lot Sizes: approx 0.30 ha (0.75 acres)
Servicing: communal water system
Reserve/Open Space: approx 25% of titled area will be dedicated as reserve/open space
Development Information Provided:

pdf Highland Park Concept Plan - March 2012
icon Biophysical Assessment (May25,2009)
icon Geotechnical Report (May25,2009)
icon Groundwater Availability Study (May25,2009)
icon Phase2 Environmental Site Assessment (May25,2009)
icon Traffic Impact Assessment (May25,2009)
icon  pdf Stormwater Management Report (4.02 MB)



The material on this website is provided as general information only. Lacombe County is in the process of reviewing the submitted reports, which may result in questions and the need for further study.