Sandy Point

Sec. 1-41-1-W5M E 1/2 of Pt. NE 1/4 Sec. 17 Twp. 39 Rge. 1 W5M

Titled Area: approx. 174.42 ha (431 acres)
Proposal: 1125 unit bare land condominium recreational vehicle resort to be developed in 2 stages (each divided into 5-6 phases) with an 18 hole golf course, marina, daily use RV campsites, public open spaces, and trails
Lot Sizes: each condominium until shall be a minimum of 278.72m2 (3,000 ft2) in area
Servicing: communal water
communal wastewater
Reserve/Open Space: Minimum 20% of gross condominium area to be dedicated as reserve/open space
Development Information Provided: pdf Sandy Point Draft Concept Plan June 2010 (10.10 MB)
icon Ground Water Report 2011 (1.14 MB)
icon GEO report on Marina and Road (4.39 MB)
icon Water Well Drilling Report (March 2008) (1.54 MB)
icon Geotechnical Report (August 2008) (19.71 MB)
icon Phase1 Environmental Site Assessment (July 2008) (15.28 MB)
icon Boat Use Study (October 2008) (597.82 kB)
icon Shoreline Assessment (October 2008) (17.9 MB)
icon Biophysical Report (October 2008) (2.12 MB)
icon Hydrogeology Report (May 2008) (3.49 MB)
icon Traffic Impact Assessment (May 2008) (11.69 MB)
icon Environmental Review (October 2008) (651.81 kB)



The material on this website is provided as general information only. Lacombe County is in the process of reviewing the submitted reports, which may result in questions and the need for further study.