Local Road Construction

Road Contruction Project C2801 002

Lacombe County will establish and maintain a road construction program that takes into consideration the long-term transportation needs, as well as smaller emergent projects that can be completed in a relatively short time period.  

The needs of all areas of the County shall be given equal consideration when road construction programs are established.

Lacombe County attempts to build 10-12 miles of local road each year. The long-range road construction plan is updated every second year. Gravel pit reclamation and development are also part of their scope of work. The size of the projects and weather patterns has a large effect on this program. 

Operations has a map showing the County's  pdf Road Construction History (1.84 MB)  from 1966 to 2021.



Supplementary Construction Program

Picture 007Supplementary construction projects are defined as projects that are generally less than .25 miles in length and can normally be completed in less than three days.  The approved short-term projects will be scheduled to maximize crew efficiency and minimize moving costs.

Priorities for the supplementary construction program are based on the greatest need and most benefit using the following criteria: 

- public safety
- site line improvement
- drainage improvement
- repairing of isolated soft areas in the road surface
- maintenance concerns
- cost of construction
- type and amount of equipment required

Pavement Management Plan


There are four categories of paved roads in Lacombe County:

- Primary Local Main
- Secondary Local Main
- Subdivision Roads
- Hamlets 

These roads are reviewed by Council and a pavement management plan is set in place for the widening, reconstructing or paving of these roads. (View 5-Year Paving Schedule)

Operations has a map showing the pavement history from 1972 to the present.

Thank you for your patience during construction delays.


Alix North paving July 28 2010 005