Summer Maintenance

Paved & Oil Roads

Spray PatchThe goal of summer maintenance of paved roads is to protect the public from potholes and premature pavement failure.

  • Potholes on paved or oiled roads will be repaired as soon as possible considering the time of year and availability of crews and materials.
  • Yearly program to seal cracks.
  • Spray patching of select areas will be undertaken to prevent premature failure of the surface of the road and to provide a better quality of ride for the public.
  • Drainage issues along paved or oiled roads will be given first priority for repair.
  • Line painting of paved roads will be done as needed.


 Gravel Roads

Summer GradingThe goal of summer gravel road maintenance is to get and keep gravel roads in a reasonable safe driving condition relative to the character of the road and recent weather conditions.

The order in which roads are graded will depend on traffic volumes, the structural conditions of the road, and the amount of gravel on the road. 

  • Gravel roads will be graded on average every 2.5 weeks weather permitting.
  • High traffic volume roads will be graded more often than lower traffic roads.
  • High traffic volume roads will be graded first, if necessary, after rain.
  • Access and machinery roads will be graded at least once a year depending on time and road conditions.
  • Roads will be graded in an orderly fashion to maximize efficiency.
  • Operators will rip up dust control sections if, in their opinion, it represents a risk to the driving public.
  •  Repair of soft spots in gravel roads will be undertaken if funding is in place and when crews and materials are available. 
  • Grading on private property will not be done by Lacombe County crews.   Area Contractors have asked to add their names for the landowner’s convenience by emailing .