Operations Standards Manual

Standards Manual 003This Manual is to be treated as a “guide” governing the engineering and design parameters, and the preparation and submission of plans and specifications for the orderly and satisfactory development of subdivisions and other municipal services within Lacombe County.  These standards and specifications are intended to serve as  the "minimum" allowable levels to which the improvements discussed are to be built, and to enable standardization within the County.  Where questionable or complicated design situations arise, sound engineering methods and practices shall prevail.

No departure from these design standards and specifications shall be permitted without the expressed written approval of the County.  Where Acts, Bylaws, Codes or other Standards are noted, they shall refer to the latest revision thereof.
Note that Bareland Condominmum proposals shall follow the same standards as specified in this manual unless otherwise approved by Lacombe County.

These design standards do not cover the detailed design or installation of street lighting, ornamental lighting, power, gas, telephone and cablevision services, but do include general requirements and the need for coordination with the various utility companies. 

This Manual will be updated periodically as per policy OP (39), as adopted by Lacombe County Council.
Adopted May 2017
Section A - General Conditions & Forward
Section B - Engineering Plans & Drawings
Section C - Roads
Section D - Erosion & Sediment Control
Section E - Landscaping
Section F - Fencing
Section G - Communal Waste Water Systems
Section H - Communal Water Systems
Section I - Fire Protection
Section J - Trails & Amenities
Section K - Signage & Traffic Control
Section L - pdf Stormwater Management (152 KB)
Typical Drawings
Drawings - Roads
Drawings - Culverts/Guardrails
Drawings - Fencing
Drawings - Water/Waste Water
Drawings - Trails & Amenities
Drawings - Signs