State of the Environment Reports

The State of the Environment Report is an important management tool for Lacombe County because it helps us to determine:

  • the current state or condition of our county‚Äôs environment
  • the pressures impacting the environment
  • the effect of management actions on environmental conditions in the local area

The first State of the Environment Report was released in the winter of 2013 with the promise of annual updates tracking changes over the next 5 years. At the end of the 5 years, a full updated State of the Environment Report will be written. The first State of the Environment Report was focused on setting up the framework for the system, whereas the supplemental reports are intended to exemplify the hard work that is being undertaken. It is hoped that this document will inspire residents to take a proactive approach to reduce their footprint on the environment

To read the State of the Environment, click on the images / links below, or contact Lacombe County at 403-782-6601 to obtain a hard copy.


2013 Report 2014 Report 2015 Report 2016 Report
2017 Report 2018 Report