Utility Inspections

Inspection Request

Lacombe County has a responsibility to ensure that the construction of approaches and other works within or adjacent to a road allowance under its jurisdiction are constructed in accordance with County standards, specifications, policies and approvals.

The purpose of the policy is to ensure public safety and the protection of the infrastructure.

Verification of compliance with standards, specifications, policies and approvals will normally be completed through a visual inspection on a fee for services basis.



Visual inspections will normally be required for the following activities: 

  • Installation of residential/field approaches
  • Installation of well site approaches
  • Utility crossings
  • Seismic work within rights-of-way
  • Road use agreements
  • Pipelines and power lines running parallel to a right of way and located within 30 m of a right-of-way
  • Any works or undertakings within rights-of-way that are not authorized by blanket agreements