Common Tansy

ctansyCommon Tansy is a noxious weed which was introduced from Europe in the late 1600s for ornamental and medicinal uses. It has a very distinct smell and is toxic to most livestock.


Plant Description:

  • Fern-like appearance
  • Leaves alternate up the stem and are divided into toothed segments
  • Stems are semi-woody and reddish-purple near the bottom of the plant
  • The weed has small, yellow, button-like flower heads which form in clusters
  • Each plant produces a different amount of flowers, ranging from 20 to 200 per plant
  • Height ranges from 30cm to 180cm


Facts on Common Tansy

  • Perrenial
  • Can spread via seeds or rhizomes (underground roots)
  • Commonly found in pastures
  • Can cause abortions or death to animals forced to eat it due to a lack of suitable forage


Methods of Control

  • Use a herbicide registered for control
  • Cultivate during periods of dry weather
  • Can be plowed and brought under a short rotation of crops
  • Mow if you cannot cultivate or spray