Tall Buttercup

tbuttercupTall Buttercup, also known as Common Buttercup, is a noxious weed native to Europe. It contains a bitter juice, which causes blistering of the mouth and digestive system when consumed by livestock.



Plant Description

  • stem is much branched above
  • stem grows to 90cm tall
  • lower leaves are deeply divided into 3-5 lobes
  • upper leaves are reduced to 3-4 narrow segments and are hairy
  • flowers are yellow and waxy with 5 pedals

Facts on Tall Buttercup

  • perennial that spreads by seeds
  • contains a acrid juice that causes pain and inflammation in grazing animals
  • common in wet areas and pastures

 Methods of Control

  • use herbicides registered to control
  • install drainage ditches or tiles if practical since they thrive in moist soils
  • a close mowing during early bloom, following by a second cutting during late summer, will keep this weed under control in permanent pastures