White Cockle

wcockleWhite Cockle is a noxious weed which is native of Europe. It prefers full sun and rich, well-drained soils.


Plant Description 

  • Stem and leaves are covered with short hairs
  • Leaves are opposite, elongate, and pointed at the tip
  • The flowers have five deeply notched white petals
  • Plant height ranges from 25 cm to 125cm

Facts on the White Cockle  

  • Biennial or short lived perrenial
  • Single plant can produce as many as twenty-four thousand seeds
  • The seeds are grayish - orange and are kidney shaped 
  • Optimal germination temperatures for this weed are 20 to 30 degrees Celsius
  • Also known as White Campion or Evening Cockle
  • Often mistaken for Night-Flowering Catchfly or Bladder Campion

Methods of Control 

  • The best control option for White Cockle is to stop the plant from going to seed
  • White Cockle shows resistance to a number of herbicides so check your Crop Protection Guide for management of this weed
  • Cultural control can include mowing, cultivating, pulling, or burning. In the case of cultivation it must be deep enough to cut the roots off below the crown
  • The plants need to be turned up in order that they dry out, and this is best done during low moisture and high temperature conditions
  • If temperatures are cool and soil moisture high - cultivation may simply result in transplanting existing weeds
  • Request a seed certificate when purchasing pedigreed seed