Yellow Toadflax

ytoadflaxYellow Toadflax is a noxious weed which is native to Europe and introduced to North America. This plant prefers well-drained sandy or gravelly soils, dry summers, and open, sparsely vegetated sites. These weeds contain a poisonous glycoside that may be harmful to livestock.


Plant Description 

  • stem often has several branches forming dense patches.
  • hairless
  • leaves alternate to spirally arranged
  • leaves are numerous and are attached directly to the stem
  • long, narrowed leaves
  • flowers resemble snap dragon (bright yellow with an orange throat)
  • flowers are alternately arranged along terminal ends of stems

    Facts on Yellow Toadflax 

  • perennial
  • spreads by root and by seed
  • flowers from June to Autumn

    Methods of Control 

  • use herbicides registered to control
  • anything that will prevent seed production
  • any operation that will get the seed to grow so it can be killed by tillage later is also good