Perrenial Sow Thistle


Perrenial Sow Thistle is an aggressive, creeping weed that can severely reduce yields in cultivated fields. It has adapted to wide range of environmental conditions.

Plant Description

    • Extensive horizontal, deep creeping roots
    • Basal leaves resemble dandilions but have prickles
    • Stems are erect containing a milky sap
    • Upper leaves are deeply lobed
    • Flowers are found in clusters and appear dandilion-like

Facts on Perrenial Sow Thistle  

  • Perrenial
  • Roots can reach ten feet deep
  • Competes with crops causing yield reduction
  • Lifestock generally graze down

Methods of Control

  • Use herbicide registered to control
  • Cultivation
  • Grazing
  • Mowing